Airtech Mission

Airtech Asset Services' mission is to become one of the industry leaders in the field of services, maintenance and repair of Commercial, Retail and Industrial, Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment.

In doing so, Airtech Asset Services meets customer expectations of:

  • Prompt and efficient breakdown and service response times
  • Efficient breakdown and service repair times
  • Competitive pricing and Customised service and maintenance systems
  • Professional and diligent staff
  • Maintaining professional business ethics
  • Exceptional and professional customer service levels
  • Highly qualified and professional service


Airtech Asset Services provides programmed and scheduled and unscheduled repairs and maintenance of commercial, retail and industrial, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Airtech Asset Services' team members are all industry qualified, from business management and administration through to the technical mechanical and controls service technicians.

This gives Airtech Asset Services the capabilities to deliver its exceptional customer service, technical expertise and professionalism to its customers on a day to day basis.

Equipment & Systems Capabilities

Our team is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the service, maintenance and repair of the following Commercial, Retail and Industrial Equipment/Systems:

Heating Systems

  • Central Heating Plants
  • Conditioned Heat Pump Systems
  • Central Heat Pump Systems
  • Pool Heat Pump Systems
  • Spa Heat Pump Systems

Air Conditioning

  • Central Air Systems
  • Water Cooled Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Roof Top Package
  • Multi Head Split Ducted systems
  • In Ceiling Cassette
  • Split Ducted Systems
  • Reciprocating Chillers Air Cooled
  • Screw Chillers Air Cooled 
  • Reciprocating Chillers Water Cooled
  • Screw Chillers Water Cooled

Ventilation Systems

  • CO Monitoring Systems
  • Car Park Ventilation Systems
  • Smoke Extraction Systems
  • Stairwell Pressurisation Systems
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Refrigeration Systems

  • Free Standing Freezers
  • Ice Machines and Cool Rooms
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Supermarket Display Cabinets
  • Supermarket Open Chest Freezers
  • Under Bench Fridge Cabinets

Other products/services

  • Special projects
  • Engineering solutions
  • Controls
  • Building automation

Valued Clients